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Giorgio Selvaggio is a Latin teacher by day, a musical theatre actor by night, and a writer 24/7. Topics covered in Giorgio’s writings include dating, relationships, marriage, identity politics, third- and fourth-wave feminism, and reflections on being a man in predominantly female professions. His personal essays have been featured in The Los Angeles Times and online magazines such as The Good Men Project, AlterNet, Divorced Moms, and Ravishly.

e-mail Giorgio at georgewithano@gmail.com if you would like more information about his work.

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  1. Salve, Magister
    just wanted to let you know that your faithful discupili at JAA miss you very much

  2. I just read your article about a woman who is just using you for an expensive free dinner or free drinks. The thing is, we women intend to be more bold, straight forward (strong independent women) however, we actually don’t think we are just using you, for us it is sweet and maybe a good company. “She” your date is just over the top and I bet she is trying to project someone else. I am a Filipina, I have several experiences where men were trying to give me all the “wows” words, offers just to get me in bed. I truly understand the strategy of a man, who is just into sex… That’s why, I have given them my rude boldness. Men and women are everywhere looking for a FREE PLEASURE! We all love that.

  3. I just read your piece on dating and women with expectations of expensive dinners. You’re better off without her and it’s unfortunate that she chose to go to your father’s restaurant. I’ve met your father and been there many times, and appreciate what he does. However, if I was dating, it’s not somewhere I’d suggest going to early on.

  4. I’m a 61 year old male, divorced for 15 years. In the early stages of my newly single life I tried dating. I became aware instantly about the expectancy for men to pick up the bill on a date. Once I starting suggesting split bills at least until we got to know each other better all dates dried up. I stopped altogether trying until now with online dating. Well, to no one’s surprise, expectancy is still the same and my split bill idea still does not fly…. Bummer

  5. Women like you described in your article irritate me to no end. I have always (since high school) either picked up the bill, paid 1/2 of it, left the tip or offered to pay my share of any meal I’ve had on a date. My reasoning has been that it’s not fair to expect someone to pay for me. On those rare occasions that I have acquiesced and let someone else pick up the tab, I have always paid for the next meal. Women who act like your date did, give all women a bad name. Best of luck to you and may she get a small dose of food poisoning.

  6. Maybe you were a bit presumptuous, sensitive, and paranoid. Granted she shouldn’t have made reservations at your dads place but you shouldn’t of name dropped, maybe she thought you were playing games and you wanted her to go. Weren’t you playing games too? I mean, you couldn’t even be yourself.

  7. Reading your article this morning brought back memories to this 69 y.o. retired and divorced, but mostly single, lawyer. It also served as a stark reminder why I decided many years ago that I was too old to continue subjecting myself to the abuses of online dating! I am aware this may sound negative, but my intuition helped spot women like the one you described from a mile away, very frequently before we even met so kudos to you for actually meeting this woman because from what you stated I would have either passed on or canceled this date! One lady I met for a blind date many years ago (maybe from Great Expectorations, I don’t recall) actually visited my house by looking up property records and decided not to meet me because her assessment of my house didn’t fit into her lifestyle image.! Pretty sad what men and women have to do to find love, isn’t it?

  8. I agree with Wendy. I am from Europe and we would never expect a man to pick up the bill on a first date, we always offer to share the bill and quite frankly none of my European female friends understand the American way of dating. Neither do I 😉

  9. My experience mirrors the author. One memorable online date , on suggesting meeting for dinner at Macaroni Grill to get to know each other for a FIRST DATE, she replied she would like to go to Larsens instead. I respectfully replied Macaroni Grill would be best. I never heard from her again…..

  10. I thought your article in the LA Times was fantastic! The writing was sharp and reminded me of Andrew Beyer’s work. The content was well crafted as you have a knack for storytelling. I have been using online dating to meet women for the past 15 years. Not 15 consecutive years but you get the idea. I have never run into this particular problems but plenty of other strange situations, including one when I had to run from police. Your friend gave you solid advice. If she is living with her parents, then she has more important things to worry about than getting a good meal.

  11. Read you article. Welcome to dating in the capital of superficiality. ‘Givers’ always love it when they make ‘Takers’ happy by providing them food, comfort, assurance, self-confidence. etc. Your best bet is to find another ‘Giver’, which is very hard in a city like Los Angeles and with millennials. Women from immigrant families are usually a good start.

  12. Dear Georgio,
    I would never bother to dress up, drive in traffic, and risk an excruciatingly boring two hours for $65 in food. Am I so out of reality that women will waste hours of their time for a free meal? I can’t imagine it.

    You seem like a thoughtful guy and if you suspect anyone might be after you for a free meal, look elsewhere but don’t be paranoid:)

    I enjoyed the article. Thank you.

  13. Well, I have a complete an opposite experience: this guy kept messaging asking for a date & when finally I said yes, he picked himself a tea house to meet. What a jerk, he kept talking about himself, asking intrusive questions & wouldn’t buy me a $3.50 tea drink. A real life CHEAPSKATE! OKC’s user name: ********* from South Pasadena.

    1. Hi Mira, I assume this is in response to a dating story I wrote for the LA Times. I don’t know that it’s an “opposite experience” of mine, though, just a different one. Also, please note that I never give any identifying information about the women I’ve dated. I keep it vague so I can speak openly about my experiences and what I learned without hurting their reputations. It seems like, given that you posted the man’s username and location, you are seeking to hurt a person’s reputation, and over something as silly as him being a lousy date. If this were an abuser of women you were trying to out, that would be one thing, but as far as I know, this man’s only crime was not paying for your casual date. It seems trivial and petty, and I’m not sure why you felt the need to put it on my website. Are you worried I’m going to meet this guy on a dating site and accidentally agree to a bad date with him?

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